Motion Focused Entry Alerts
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Battery Powered Entrance Alert, Rodann SL-40Battery Powered Entrance Alert, Rodann SL-40Rodann entrance alert SL-40 for open or closed doors. Battery operated stand-alone unit emits a pleasant chime every time a person enters its narrow detection area. Can be mounted just inside door from ceiling or on either side of door with or without included mounting bracket.
Dakota Indoor Motion Sensor/Receiver 2500, IRDCR-2500Dakota Indoor Motion Sensor/Receiver 2500, IRDCR-2500The Dakota Alert IRDCR-2500 is perfect for alerting you of people entering or in designated areas. The infrared sensor transmitter operates on one standard 9 volt battery and may be mounted over a doorway, entry way, entry hallway, garage or anywhere that you need to be aware of people entering.

The IR-2500 is a passive infrared detector capable of monitoring an area up to a 100° wide. With the integral mask, the detection area can be narrowed down to 20° or anywhere in between. With the swivel mount, the IR-2500 sensor an be adjusted right to left up to 80° and up and up to 50°. With three sensitivity settings, the IR-2500 can detect a person up to 12 feet, 25 feet and 40 feet away.

The IR-2500 is powered by one 9 volt battery (not included) and is designed for indoor or light duty outdoor

Entrance Alert Set, Rodann, RX/TX-1000AEntrance Alert Set, Rodann, RX/TX-1000ARodann entrance alert set RX/TX-1000A for open or closed doors or open entry ways. This unique set can also be used on warehouse roll up doors, inside display cabinets, restricted area protection, or (patio, bedroom, bathroom) window alerting device.
Motion Activated Alarm / Chime, SGMAMotion Activated Alarm / Chime, SGMAOur Mini-Alert Motion Detector easily installs anywhere, without wires! This economical sensor has a 26-foot (8 meter) sensing range, and can be used in one of two settings. The first setting alerts you with a ding-dong chime when activated by motion through the sensing area; the second is an alarm mode with an 80dB siren that re-sets after 1 minute.
Plug-In Wired Entrance Alert, Rodann AV-200Plug-In Wired  Entrance Alert, Rodann AV-200The AV-200 is a hardwired door chime system takes a little more time to install, but with a plug-in transformer to power its electric eye, batteries are never needed. Just install and relax; the door bell system will alert with a chime for every entry or exit.