Door Contact Entry Alerts
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Door Entrance Alert - Mace - Cabinet Door Alarm, M80201Door Entrance Alert - Mace - Cabinet Door Alarm, M80201A 95 db. alarm designed to detect unwanted entry. Automatically resets after 45 seconds. On/off switch allows for use only when necessary. Ideal for doors, cabinets and windows. Battery included.
Door/Window Entry Alert Kit, LONG RANGE, WD-434RTLDoor/Window Entry Alert Kit, LONG RANGE, WD-434RTLProtect your home and family with a simple security system that monitors up to 4 entry ways to your home. The Long Range Door / Window Alert Kit is a magnetic contact sensor system that will monitor any entry door or window within your house, notifying you instantly via an audible alarm or alert and visual indicators if the entry is opened. Up to 800' line of sight wireless range.

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Long Range Wireless Door Entry Alert, UTDCDCR-2500Long Range Wireless Door Entry Alert, UTDCDCR-2500The Door sensor/transmitter has a magnetic door contact, so that when the entry door is opened by a visitor / customer, it sends a wireless entry alert chime to the DCR-2500 receiver that is power by an AC adapter and can be plugged in up to 1500 feet away (depending on walls, building materials, etc.).
The receiver for this Long Range Wireless Door Entry Alert has four form “C” relay outputs and one 12VDC output. The output durations are adjustable up to 10 minutes. The receiver will play one of four different tunes that are selected at the transmitter so that different zones can be distinguished.
Optex Wireless Entry Door Contact with Remote Alert Chime, RC20TC10Optex Wireless Entry Door Contact with Remote Alert Chime, RC20TC10The Optex wireless entry Door Alert system is composed of the Optex TC10 (item 80-509)Door Switch with wireless transmitter and the Optex RC20 (item 80-506) Chime receiver. The TC10 Door Switch sends an alert signal to the Optex RC20 Chime every time it detects the door it is monitoring opening. The kit can be installed in minutes.
Tone/Vibrating Alarm Property Pager System, PRUT2500Tone/Vibrating Alarm Property Pager System, PRUT2500Amazing 2000' distance on this paging system. Transmitter may be used stand-alone paging system or connected to the relay output (if equipped) of our entry alert receivers.
Voice Alert TXPCBB Specialty SensorVoice Alert TXPCBB Specialty SensorVoice Alert's TXPCBB sensor/transmitter adds a new layer of functionality to the Voice Alert System-6 Wireless Annunciator. The new transmitters enable any type of "sensing device" with output closures/openings (NC/NO) to trigger user recorded messages on a Voice Alert base unit receiver/speaker (item 30-211). Now you can get wireless notification from devices such as smoke alarms, CO (carbon monoxide) sensors, window, gate or door contacts, push button devices, water level indicators, a vibration switch, etc.
Voice Alert Wireless Door Entry Announcer, VA6DEAVoice Alert Wireless Door Entry Announcer, VA6DEAThe Voice Alert System-6 wireless door entry annunciator allows voice-recorded messages to identify activity for up to six monitored zones. Voice Alert Wireless Door Entry Announcer uses a wireless transmitter mounted next to the door that has a short 2 lead wire to an included magnetic door sensor. A custom message (user recorded) will be played (at the wireless remote receiver) when a door with contact and transmitter is opened.
Wireless Remote Door Entry Alert Chime, WRDCWireless Remote Door Entry Alert Chime, WRDCWireless Door Entry Alert Chime for remote (up to 600 feet away) door opening notification. Activation is by magnetic door contact attached to wireless transmitter. On/Off switch, volume control. Allows chime selection by door and/or multiple doors to be monitored. Optional pager receiver available, item 60-103.