Door Announcer
Recordable door chime can make a great automatic announcement system at the door entrance.
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Recordable Entry Alert / Motion AlarmRecordable Entry Alert / Motion AlarmYou can turn your Sound Sentry XL motion alarm into anything from a Barking Dog Alarm to a buzzer alarm, leave messages for your family - it can even be a doorbell - just use a doorbell sound and stick it near your door with the included sticker.
Protect your home, valuables and most importantly - your family with the amazing Sound Sentry XL motion alarm. It's a portable recordable motion alarm that you can place anywhere! This inexpensive motion sensing alarm system has hundreds of uses. It's also great for Halloween or Christmas greetings on your door!! With the included removable sticky pads and velcro strips you can stick it to any flat surface (such as a wall) or use the included stand to place it on the floor or a table. Press the record button to record any sound, from alarm sounds to dogs barking to a verbal warning - anything you can think of! The sound plays when anything moves within 11 feet of the sensor.
Voice Alert 6 Extra Sensor, VA6000TVoice Alert  6 Extra Sensor, VA6000TAdditional motion or 'NO' contact sensor for your voice Alert System 6 annunciator (Item #30-211).
Voice Alert 6 Extra Receiver, VA6000RVoice Alert 6  Extra Receiver, VA6000RThe Cross Point Voice Alert Receiver / Speaker unit consists of a receiver, voice recording/playback system and speaker. It includes controls to allow for power input, recording of up to six voice messages (in your voice), and programming of each Sensor / Transmitter to activate a voice message. This Receiver / Speaker also includes, connections to activate other devices.
Voice Alert System 6 - Wireless Motion Sensor Monitor AlertVoice Alert System 6 - Wireless Motion Sensor Monitor AlertWould you like to be alerted when ...
Cars are coming up the driveway � Children go inside your tool shed � Intruders approach the front or backyard � Someone enters your garage � Visitors are walking to the front door � Your parked boat or motor home has been boarded � Kids or pets are trampling your flowers � Someone is in the pool

Voice Alert System-6 is a new annunciator system featuring wireless passive infra-red sensor / transmitters and a remote receiver/speaker base unit. Users record their own alert messages and are then notified with their own voice message when activity in a monitored area is detected.
Voice Alert TXPCBB Specialty SensorVoice Alert TXPCBB Specialty SensorVoice Alert's TXPCBB sensor/transmitter adds a new layer of functionality to the Voice Alert System-6 Wireless Annunciator. The new transmitters enable any type of "sensing device" with output closures/openings (NC/NO) to trigger user recorded messages on a Voice Alert base unit receiver/speaker (item 30-211). Now you can get wireless notification from devices such as smoke alarms, CO (carbon monoxide) sensors, window, gate or door contacts, push button devices, water level indicators, a vibration switch, etc.
Voice Alert Wireless Door Entry Announcer, VA6DEAVoice Alert Wireless Door Entry Announcer, VA6DEAThe Voice Alert System-6 wireless door entry annunciator allows voice-recorded messages to identify activity for up to six monitored zones. Voice Alert Wireless Door Entry Announcer uses a wireless transmitter mounted next to the door that has a short 2 lead wire to an included magnetic door sensor. A custom message (user recorded) will be played (at the wireless remote receiver) when a door with contact and transmitter is opened.