Wireless Remote Door Entry Alert Chime, WRDC
Wireless Remote Door Entry Alert Chime, WRDC
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Wireless remote chime entry alert is activated when entry door opens thereby seperating the magnetic contacts on included self-stick sensor and magnet. Contact is wired (via 20" leads) to 9V battery powered wall-mountable transmitter. Transmitter settings allow one of four tones/chimes to be sent wirelessly up to 600 feet away to Audible alert receiver with on/off switch and volume control. Chime selection (Classical, Westminster, Ding Dong, Whistle) only sounds twice when door is first opened. When door is closed entry alert system resets until next door opening. Multiple doors can be monitored with additional transmitter/contact devices ( item 60-701 ) and set to individual door chime settings if desired. Multiple wireless wall/desk receivers ( item 60-509 ) and or pagers ( item 60-103 ) may be used with single or multiple entry transmitters. Included receiver allows external sounders or accessories to be wired via a 12vdc output (400mA for selectable 4 seconds or 10 minutes) on channel/zone 1 and NO/NC relays (24vdc @ 3amps) for each of 4 channels/zones. Transmitters/receivers can be set to one of 256 frequency settings to avod interference with nearby retailers using same system.

Accessory power output (for each channel or the 12vdc output) can be increased with an optional 500mA or 1amp 12VDC adapter and/or the output duration time of any of the 4 individual NO/NC channel relays or the 12VDC output can be delayed or extended from 1 second to 60 minutes with the optional Programmable Relay Timer Module - (item 60-440).

Optional Extra Loud indoor Siren or Steady Tone Electronic sounder available for high noise areas, see item 60-206.

What's Included:
- Qty 1: Wireless 4 zone, chime selectable, relay output Receiver
- Qty 1: Universal transmitter
- Qty 1: NC magnetic contact w/12" wire leads

What may be required:
- additional wire; depending on your installation.
- wire connectors - screw-on, butt, crimp, telephone/date/splice, or solder, insulating tape, etc.

Receiver Instructions

Transmitter Instructions

Addendum to Instructions

Maximum Sensor Gap (when door closed) maximum 1"
Door Contact Dimensions door frame and door unit each 0.6" x 1.3"
Door Contact door magnet and door frame wired switch
Transmitter Power 9 VDC battery (not included)
Receiver Dimensions 5.875" x 3.75" x 1.25"
Receiver Power Supply included 12VDC adapter
Wireless Range up to 400 feet distance
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