ENFORCER Wireless Entry Alert System with Chime, Seco-Larm
ENFORCER Wireless Entry Alert System with Chime, Seco-Larm
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  • For monitoring a driveway or use as an entrance indicator.
  • No wiring required between the sensor and speaker; when tripped, the sensor wirelessly transmits to any programmed speaker.
  • Weatherproof photoelectric beam sensor for outdoor use.
  • Speaker makes "ding-dong" or siren sound if beam is interrupted.
  • Speaker volume can be adjusted or turned off.
  • When in siren mode, sounding time is adjustable from 3~30 seconds.
  • Connect additional speakers (item 80-551) to the sensor wirelessly (one speaker included).
  • Includes the following:
    - Weatherproof wireless reflective sensor (Tx)
    - Wireless speaker (Rx)
    - Reflector
    - Two power adapters
    - Three mounting brackets: One each for the sensor, reflector, and speaker

Product Info Sheet

Model Number E-931CS22RFCQ
Type Wireless Weatherproof Entry Alert System
"eye" beam sensing range up to 22 feet
Wireless (receiver chime) transmission range up to 328 feet
RF Frequency 433.92 Mhz
Operating Voltage Sensor 12VDC adapter included
Operating Voltage Wireless Speaker (chime unit) 12VDC adapter included
Current Draw Sensor 20mA
Current Draw Speaker 100mA
Standby current 3.7mA
Light Source IR LED
Operating Temperature -4'F to 122'F
Speaker Volume 0-90dB
Alarm time range 3 to 30 seconds (adjustable)
Speaker Output Chime / Off / Alarm (selectable)
Dimensions Sensor 3.25" x 2.56" x 1.44"
Dimensions Speaker 3.25" x 2.94" x 1.38"
Dimensions Reflector 2.38" x .07" x 0.38"
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