Voice Alert TXPCBB Specialty Sensor
Voice Alert TXPCBB Specialty Sensor
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Voice Alert's TXPCBB sensor/transmitter adds a new layer of functionality to the Voice Alert System-6 Wireless Annunciator,(item 30-211).

The new transmitters enable any type of "sensing device" with Normally Open or Normally Closed outputs to trigger user recorded messages on a Voice Alert base unit receiver/speaker. Now you can get wireless notification from devices such as smoke alarms, CO (carbon monoxide) sensors, window, gate or door contacts, push button devices, water level indicators, a vibration switch or pressure pads ... to name a few. You'll be instantly notified when an event occurs at the sensing device.

False alarms are eliminated as the TXPCBBs are only triggered when activated by the sensing device. The new sensor/transmitters can be used in a mixed installation environment with our standard PIR (passive infrared) sensors.

The TXPCBB sends a radio signal by input from either Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) devices. There is no longer a need to pull cable or trench to receive information from remote sensing devices.

Housed in a water-tight NEMA box, the TXPCBB has a radio transmission range of up to 1000' line of sight or up to 300' through walls. The NEMA box will handle all environments and includes mounting tabs to accommodate a variety of mounting options.

The TXPCBB is powered by a 9V battery. An alkaline battery has a battery life of over one year and a lithium 9V battery will last three to five years. The system includes a "low battery" feature designed to notify the user when a battery voltage approaches a low battery threshold.

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