Optex Wireless Entry Door Contact with Remote Alert Chime, RC20TC10
Optex Wireless Entry Door Contact with Remote Alert Chime, RC20TC10
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The Optex wireless remote alert chime can be located up to 500' away line of sight (150' maximum through interior walls or 70' maximum through concrete/steel walls/floors) from the included door opening sensor. Up to 3 door opening sensors [TC-10 (item 80-509)] can be distinguished with the wireless receiver. Each sensor can activate a unique tone/chime. If only one door sensor is used, user can select 1 of 3 tones / chimes. Alert tone / chime only goes off as follows until door is closed and entry alert system resets itself: (channel 1: single door bell, channel 2: single decreasing warble alert tone, channel 3: five repeated electronic sounds). Volume on the receiver is adjustable. Sensor may activate channel 4 which is a NO / NC (Form "C") relay which can be activated for 1, 5, 30 or 60 seconds or continuous until reset.

Product Instructions

Receiver volume 0 - 80db (5 levels)
Receiver Relay Output NO / NC (Form C relay), 1A @ 24VDC maximum
Frequency 418Mhz
Operating Temperature 15'F to 105'F (120'F for sensor)
Sensor Power Source 3V - CR123 battery (included)
Sensor Battery Life approx. 1 year
Features Benefits
Identifies 4 zones / channels by 3 different tones / LED lights
Able to learn 12 sensor codes (each of 4 zones can learn up to 3 transmitters)
Over 8 million transmission codes possible, eliminates interference from neighbors
Latches into alarm with "Continuous mode" function
Adjustable duration for terminal output
Adjustable volume
Low battery Indicator
Receiver powered by 9VDC adapter (included)
Sensor can be installed on door/window
Sensor can be installed indoors or outside (out of direct rain)
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