Motion Activated Alarm / Chime, SGMA
Motion Activated Alarm / Chime, SGMA
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This infrared motion detector alarm sounds an 80 db alarm whenever someone comes within the range of the infrared zone.

- The zone detection coverage is 80 degrees horizontally out to 26 feet and 20 degrees vertically (up and down).
- 30 second delay allows you to move out of the way before the alarm or chime becomes activated.

Alarm Mode
- It works by means of Passive Infrared motion sensor which it detects a moving human body within a range of 8 meters (26 feet) x 80 degrees.
- The alarm sounds automatically when any human body approaches the detected zone.
- 20 degree vertical coverage allows you to position the alarm so pets will not set off alarm.
- A siren will sound for one minute then shut off automatically and reset itself.
- Visitor Chime Mode - A pleasant "Ding Dong" melody sounds automatically to greet your visitor when they approach the detected zone.
- Uses 3 "AA" batteries, not included. LED indicator on face of infrared sensor alarm lights up when batteries are low and need replacing.
- Size: 2 3/4" x 1-1/2" x 4-1/2"

- Mount the adjustable angle wall mount bracket in the desired location with screw and screw anchor (provided).
- Adjust the Mini Alert alarm to the desired detection direction and hold it in position by tightening the screw at the bracket.

This infrared motion sensor alarm works great for announcing vistors to your home or to protect certain areas.

The loud, motion activated alarm alerts you whenever someone breaks into the detection zone. Use at home or use at the office.
Motion Detection 80 degree (left/right) angle coverage- 20 degree up/down coverage - up to 26 feet out in front
Battery Powered 3 "AA" batteries required
Features Benefits
Infrared Motion Activated invisible coverage area
Alarm or Chime Mode You can set up as an Entry Alert or an Intruder Alert
Adjustable wall mounting bracket You can point to area you want activated in
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