Long Range Wireless Remote Entry Way Alert - Reflective Beam
Long Range Wireless Remote Entry Way Alert - Reflective Beam
Wireless Alert ReceiverWireless transmitter (mounted close to sensor)Reflective Beam SEnsor
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Wireless remote chime (up to 1500 feet; line of sight transmission distance) entry way alert is activated when person or object passes through the Reflective IR invisible beam. Beam sensor is powered by 12vdc adapter (included) on one side and by (non-powered) beam reflector on other side of entry way. Separation of sensor and reflector can be from 3 feet up to 35 feet (or greater with optional Reflectors). Reflective Beam Entry Way Sensor includes 5 feet of cable and must be wired to 3vdc CR2 battery powered wall-mountable transmitter and included 12vdc adapter (instructions included). Transmitter settings allow one of four tones/chimes to be sent wirelessly up to 1500 feet (line of sight) away to Audible alert receiver with on/off switch and volume control. Chime selection (Classical, Westminster, Ding Dong, Whistle) only sounds twice when something passes through invisible IR beam. Multiple entry ways can be monitored with additional Reflective Beam sensors (item 80-403), power supplies (item 60-300) and transmitters (item 60-105). The additional entry ways can be set to individual unique chime settings if desired. Multiple wireless entry alert receivers (item 60-609) may be used with single or multiple entry transmitters.

When the receiver gets a signal from the transmitter one of 4 different tones (Classical, Westminster Chime, Ding Dong, Whistle) will sound for a few seconds. There is also a volume control so you can set the sound to the desired level. The receiver is also equipped with 4 (one for each zone) NO/NC (24vdc @ 3amps) relays and one 12 VDC (400mA max.) output terminal that can activate when a signal is received. The receiver can be user programmed so the 12VDC terminal and relays will activate for 1 second, 10 seconds, 60 seconds or 10 minutes. The tones will sound for several seconds.

Transmitters/receivers can be set to one of 256 frequency settings to avoid interference with nearby retailers using same system.

Optional Extra Loud indoor Siren or Steady Tone Electronic sounder (item 60-206) available for high noise areas.

What's Included:
- Qty 1: Wireless 4 zone, chime selectable, relay output Receiver
- Qty 1: Reflective point to point invisible beam
- Qty 1: 12vdc 500ma transformer for beam
- Qty 1: Long range transmitter

What may be required:
- additional wire; depending on your installation.
- wire connectors - screw-on, butt, crimp, telephone/date/splice, or solder, insulating tape, etc.

Wireless Receiver Instructions

Long Range Transmitter Instructions

Reflective IR Beam Sensor Instructions (supplied 35 feet)
Reflective IR Beam Sensor Instructions (optional 45 feet)
Reflective IR Beam Sensor Instructions (optional 50 feet)

Addendum to Instructions

NOTE: This system is NOT plug'n play installation. Low voltage wiring required (click here for instructions included), product set-up, interconnect and mounting required*.

* Wire cutting, wire connecting, additional wire, wire connectors, screw drivers (all available at Home Depot, Lowes, Radio Shack, etc.) may all be required depending on your specific installation. This is all low-voltage wiring; however some people may require the services of an electrician, or someone with data/video/audio/telephone/tv wiring experience for proper installation.
Here are the specific instructions on how to interconnect all the items; we will only take returns on this system package (or pieces of it) if they are returned in brand new condition or a specific item is defective and needs replacing.

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