Dakota Wireless Driveway Alert System - Motion, DCMA-2500
Dakota Wireless Driveway Alert System - Motion, DCMA-2500
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The DCMA-2500 is a feature filled wireless motion detector/receiver kit with a ½ mile* radio range. The motion detecting sensor operates on one 9-volt battery (not included) and will detect a person or vehicle passing by out to about 50 feet. The sensor will then send a signal back to the receiver up to a ½ mile away. The receiver has four form “C” relay outputs and one 12VDC output. The output durations are adjustable up to 10 minutes. The receiver will play one of four different tunes that are selected at the transmitter so that different zones can be distinguished. The receiver is powered by a 12VDC transformer. The receiver also offers a 5 minute exit delay so you can leave the house without disturbing any occupants as well as a reminder beep and counter function.

Optional Extra Loud Siren/Sounder available for commercial businesses with a high level of background noise or equipment / machinery running, see item 60-206.

Motion Sensor/Transmitter Instructions

Receiver Instructions

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