Optex RC-20 Receiver
Optex RC-20 Receiver
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The RC-20 Receiver can be placed in any room of your home or business to notify you of customers or visitors. Additional receivers can be purchased to expand your Optex Driveway Annunciator System. The RC-20 Receiver includes volume control, an on/off switch, and three different chime sounds to choose from. Up to 12 TD-20 sensor/transmitters can be programmed to this RC-20 receiver, giving you the ability to monitor several different locations! As well, the RC-20 receiver and the TS10 (item 80-508) portable handheld transmitter together provide an excellent wireless doorbell system.

Product Instructions

RC-20U Receiver Chime Installation Manual
Features Benefits
Low battery indication by tone (RC-20) and LED (all models) tells you when to replace batteries and prevents malfunctions.
Receiver mounts on wall or desktop.
Optimal antenna design and fine RF tuning achieve a high signal to noise ratio, ensuring long range and consistant operation.
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