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For most of us, we left the door open so that good fortune may come in. This is very true for most businesses and even in some homes. But how do you know when someone came in to that door? The answer is simple- an entry door chime.

Most establishments like offices, warehouses and most businesses have after-hours security system installed, but many often forget about the security during normal business hours.

A simple alert from a door chime can easily give you a head’s up that a customer has entered the store or if a door supposedly closed was open unexpectedly.

However, there are tons of entry door chimes on the market that it is often confusing which is the best one for your specific need. In this regard, we reviewed the Carlon DH994 Mechanical Entry Chime.

While recent technological advances have made most entry door chime to be more complicated in terms of usable features, simplicity is still the best. It’s one of the appealing features of this device that many owners have relied to keep track when someone enters or exits a property.

As a purely mechanical door chime, the Carlon DH994 has no batteries and does not require any wiring setup. This makes it easy to install with the help of only common household tools.

Carlon DH994 Mechanical Entry Door Chime Features

The Carlon DH994 is manufactured in the United States and is made of hard plastic which makes it light but still durable. It comes with two separate pieces- a main unit which you attach to the door frame and a small circular magnet which goes along with the door.

When you open the door with the Carlon DH994 installed, a small plunger separates from the magnet until it is released. This causes the plunger to hit the small metallic plate within the main unit, thus producing that soothing “Ding!” sound.

This device can be installed in any wood or metal doors, whether they open in or open out. When installing, simply mount the metal disc (included in the product) to the door frame to align with the magnet. Using metal screws works best in securing the device in place.

Below are the specifications of the Carlon DH994 mechanical chime:
Length: 2.0 inches
Width: 2.75 inches
Height: 6.6 inches
Weight: 9.6 ounces

Make sure to take note of these measurements when installing it to your door. On picture, the Carlon DH994 may seem smaller than its actual size.

The device also comes with a muting bar which silences the sound. When turned into mute mode, a sliding mechanism on the back of the device blocks plunger from hitting the chime. This feature is useful when you expect the door to be used more often such as when you have tons of guests going in and out of your property.

Here is the summary of the Carlon DH994’s Features:
-Simple mechanical system that alerts you when someone enters or exits the room or establishment
-Made from hard plastic making it durable and free from corrosion
-Alerts you through a single “Ding!” sound that is both clear and loud enough to be heard within a thousand square foot area
-Includes a mute switch that silences the device when you don’t want it to alarm you every time the door opens or closes.

Pros and Cons of Buying the Carlon DH994 Entry Door Chime

This device, much like any of its competitors, has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Knowing its pluses and shortcomings are crucial if you decide to purchase this product or not. Here are its pros and cons.

  • Easy to install in any kind of door. Requires only simple tools when attaching it to the door.
  • Has a clear and pleasant tone that is plenty loud to cover even a thousand-square foot store
  • Muting bar silences the device during special occasions that you know the door will be opened more often.
  • Because it’s mechanical, you won’t need to replace its batteries and it still works during power outages.
  • Requires little to no maintenance and remains reliable for years.
  • Installing the unit above the door frame can be quite challenging as it offers only a limited mounting solution.
  • While it can be installed on both open-out and open-in doors, using it on the latter can be sketchy. This is because you have to install it outside an in-door (unless you try another configuration) and when the people inside hears it sound it’s not as loud compared to when it is installed inside.
  • The volume of sound it produces can’t be controlled, unlike its electrical counterparts.

Who Should Buy This Entry Door Chime?

The Carlon DH994 is perfect for any type of business establishments- whether they be offices, shops, libraries and warehouses. Its loud, distinct sound will surely alert employees when someone came in the room.

The device is also perfect for any home; especially if you are often settled far away from the door. The entry door chime also alerts you if someone from your house went outside or a guest came in.

It is highly recommended for stores where you need to attend to a customer the moment they walk in. The device can help you in one important aspect of any business- customer service.

Overall, any person who simply wants a heads up that someone has gone in or gone out of the property needs this device.


The Carlon DH994 brings out the best qualities of old-fashioned simplicity and reliability. This device has proven countless times that it is a great way to alert you of when someone goes in or out of your establishment. It is easy to come to a decision to buy this product.

While it may not have the best technological features that its competitors so proudly wear, it still has its strong points and appeals almost to anyone who just wants to keep it simple.

Best of all, this entry door chime still delivers that classic high toned but prolonged “Ding!” sound that is almost synonymous to a greeting.
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