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Retail Business Entry Alerts

All retail businesses should consider installing an entry chime on or near all important doors of entry or exit. These devices serve as a customer entry announcer or general door entry alert. The benefits of using these entry alert systems are numerous and include:
  • Security measure to alert staff of someone’s entry into the building
  • General safety to alert staff when certain high-risk areas are accessed
  • Inventory protection for doors that secure, for example, temperature sensitive merchandise
  • Prevent the misadventures that can ensue if certain doors, especially the main entry doors into the building; are left open accidentally

Many establishments use an entry light in conjunction with an entry announcer and this combination can indeed be very beneficial. Although the general consensus for many retail businesses is to use an entry alert device as an entry bell signaling customer entry; an entry alarm can be used in other areas of the building such as an entry hall and entry stairs.

Without question, the entry door for any retail business should be the main priority for an entry alert or sensor. However, the big picture is not to only focus on the retail entry door or visitor entry but instead examine the entire building to figure out which other doors are relevant enough to be fitted with an entry chime or sensor.

At, we provide a range of door entry alert systems that are truly cutting-edge. These products utilize different technologies and can either be remote, wireless, wired, magnetic, remote wireless, or remote wired. The alerts that they provide are in the form of sound, light, buzzer, or mobile alert.

There is no doubt as to the valuable return on investment that an entry alert or entry sensor affords. Therefore, in all the areas that a retail business might consider cutting costs; security and protection should not be one of them. Aside from security and general safety, an entry alert or entry sensor provides peace of mind for employees.


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    Very informative and unique tips dear. Thanks for sharing.
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