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  1. Retail Business Entry Alerts

    All retail businesses should consider installing an entry chime on or near all important doors of entry or exit. These devices serve as a customer entry announcer or general door entry alert. The benefits of using these entry alert systems are numerous and include:
    • Security measure to alert staff of someone’s entry into the building
    • General safety to alert staff when certain high-risk areas are accessed
    • Inventory protection for doors that secure, for example, temperature sensitive merchandise
    • Prevent the misadventures that can ensue if certain doors, especially the main entry doors into the building; are left open accidentally

    Many establishments use an entry light in conjunction with an entry announcer and this combination can indeed be very beneficial. Although the general consensus for many retail businesses is to use an entry alert device as an entry bell signaling customer entry; an entry alarm can be used in other areas of the building such as an entry hall and entry stairs.

    Without question, the entry door for any retail business should be the main priority for an entry alert or sensor. However, the big picture is not to only focus on the retail entry door or visitor entry but instead examine the entire building to figure out which other doors are relevant enough to be fitted with an entry chime or sensor.

    At, we provide a range of door entry alert systems that are truly cutting-edge. These products utilize different technologies and can either be remote, wireless, wired, magnetic, remote wireless, or remote wired. The alerts that they provide are in the form of sound, light, buzzer, or mobile alert.

    There is no doubt as to the valuable return on investment that an entry alert or entry sensor affords. Therefore, in all the areas that a retail business might consider cutting costs; security and protection should not be one of them. Aside from security and general safety, an entry alert or entry sensor provides peace of mind for employees.
  2. If you are looking for several ways to protect your home or office, you may consider looking into the benefits of having a

    door entry alert.

    It is cost-effective and requires minimal maintenance. With this type of security, you can check and monitor your house entrance, garage, warehouse, or your back doors. Nothing beats the peace of mind you get from knowing that your family members and valuable assets are safe; this is the reason why investing in a good alarm or security system is always the best way to go.
    The type of door entry alert to choose will depend on your specific needs. If you have a family member suffering from ailments like Dementia, it is best that you have this alert that will send out a chime alarm sound when the door of his room is being opened. Members of the family who would require special attention should never be left unattended. But since you cannot be with them all the time, an alarm that will send signal that they need attention is the next best thing. The same goes if you need to ensure that your young kids will not go out of any room or out of the house without your knowledge. You can set the alarm to a soft chime sound so it will not create undue panic in the house. However, if your intention is to deter bad elements and intruders, you may opt to set the alarm using a loud sound to drive anyone away.
    This type of security system is easy to install. In fact, it can perfectly fit in most doors, windows, or any entrance of a house or establishment. The receiver will give you the signal that someone is entering your area. It can be installed conspicuously so no one will instantly know that they can be monitored. You can use up to 4 sensors as some systems are created to properly handle more than one door entry alert so that each entry point can have the security it needs. You can never tell when unscrupulous people will try to break in to your home. Or you might not be able to guess when your teenager will sneak out at night to see some friends and enjoy nightlife without your permission.  If you have toddlers or small children at home, a door alert system can also help you ensure that they don’t accidentally wander around without your knowledge.
    There is no small or big facility when it comes to security. Even the smallest warehouse can be at risk, most especially if the contents are valuable. Alarm systems are no longer identified to the elite alone. Protection is for everyone and so a lot of manufacturers are also making it more affordable even to the regular household and business owners. These days, security systems come in different forms and style. Be sure to identify your needs why you need one so that sellers can help you identify which ones will be suitable to match your requirements as well as your budget.
  3. The Benefits of having a Door Entry Alert

    There are many reasons why you would see the need to get a door entry alert installed in your home or office. But with all the risks and dangers that we are exposed to everyday, all of us can definitely benefit from having one of these security alarm systems in the market. They can provide the safety and protection that our family needs. The same works for the important areas of our business as well. Companies have warehouses or restricted areas that would require constant monitoring, and security alarm systems offer a very effective and efficient solution.

    It will cost you something to invest in these types of equipment but it’s one type of investment that’s surely worth the cost because they are useful and functional. How can it not be a worthy investment when it can help you check on the kids and let you know when they go in and out of the room or the house? Also, you will surely appreciate how it can let you know that someone is spying on your window or that somebody is trying to open up the back door to sneak in. Good thing if it is just your love one trying to surprise you; but what if it’s a burglar who intends to hurt you and get all of your money?

    The Mechanism

    The mechanism of a door entry alert is not so complicated to understand. There are two magnetic plates aligned together and as long as they remain aligned, the equipment will also stay silent. When “something” causes them to break apart, it will trigger an alarm that will produce a chime sound to get your attention. This will alert you that someone is entering the area that you want to protect. It may be an invited or an uninvited guest; the alarm will allow you to respond appropriately Some are designed to utilize infrared to detect human heat and then send signal that someone is about to cross the line. They run on batteries so no need to worry about your electric bill going haywire.

    The Sound It Creates—the Alarm

    It actually depends on you if you wish to use an alarm. Some has an option to allow you to just set it on vibrate mode so you can monitor everyone’s movement with your door entry alert without them knowing that they have been detected. Or you can set it to the loudest to create distraction; if they are burglars or anyone with bad intentions, it will hopefully be enough to scare them away.

    All in one

    Since you wish to use it for security purposes, why not maximize its benefits by connecting it to real alarm system? This will, all the more, strengthen the security needed by a particular restricted area.

    Investing in the best security systems will never give you total peace of mind, but it can be enough to give you reasonable assurance that nobody from your family or company will be caught off guard in case somebody suddenly breaks in. You can choose from so many types and designs being offered in the market. They are made for various purposes and applications; make sure you get one that will specifically address your needs and requirements.