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  1. For most of us, we left the door open so that good fortune may come in. This is very true for most businesses and even in some homes. But how do you know when someone came in to that door? The answer is simple- an entry door chime.

    Most establishments like offices, warehouses and most businesses have after-hours security system installed, but many often forget about the security during normal business hours.

    A simple alert from a door chime can easily give you a head’s up that a customer has entered the store or if a door supposedly closed was open unexpectedly.

    However, there are tons of entry door chimes on the market that it is often confusing which is the best one for your specific need. In this regard, we reviewed the Carlon DH994 Mechanical Entry Chime.

    While recent technological advances have made most entry door chime to be more complicated in terms of usable features, simplicity is still the best. It’s one of the appealing features of this device that many owners have relied to keep track when someone enters or exits a property.

    As a purely mechanical door chime, the Carlon DH994 has no batteries and does not require any wiring setup. This makes it easy to install with the help of only common household tools.

    Carlon DH994 Mechanical Entry Door Chime Features

    The Carlon DH994 is manufactured in the United States and is made of hard plastic which makes it light but still durable. It comes with two separate pieces- a main unit which you attach to the door frame and a small circular magnet which goes along with the door.

    When you open the door with the Carlon DH994 installed, a small plunger separates from the magnet until it is released. This causes the plunger to hit the small metallic plate within the main unit, thus producing that soothing “Ding!” sound.

    This device can be installed in any wood or metal doors, whether they open in or open out. When installing, simply mount the metal disc (included in the product) to the door frame to align with the magnet. Using metal screws works best in securing the device in place.

    Below are the specifications of the Carlon DH994 mechanical chime:
    Length: 2.0 inches
    Width: 2.75 inches
    Height: 6.6 inches
    Weight: 9.6 ounces

    Make sure to take note of these measurements when installing it to your door. On picture, the Carlon DH994 may seem smaller than its actual size.

    The device also comes with a muting bar which silences the sound. When turned into mute mode, a sliding mechanism on the back of the device blocks plunger from hitting the chime. This feature is useful when you expect the door to be used more often such as when you have tons of guests going in and out of your property.

    Here is the summary of the Carlon DH994’s Features:
    -Simple mechanical system that alerts you when someone enters or exits the room or establishment
    -Made from hard plastic making it durable and free from corrosion
    -Alerts you through a single “Ding!” sound that is both clear and loud enough to be heard within a thousand square foot area
    -Includes a mute switch that silences the device when you don’t want it to alarm you every time the door opens or closes.

    Pros and Cons of Buying the Carlon DH994 Entry Door Chime

    This device, much like any of its competitors, has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

    Knowing its pluses and shortcomings are crucial if you decide to purchase this product or not. Here are its pros and cons.

    • Easy to install in any kind of door. Requires only simple tools when attaching it to the door.
    • Has a clear and pleasant tone that is plenty loud to cover even a thousand-square foot store
    • Muting bar silences the device during special occasions that you know the door will be opened more often.
    • Because it’s mechanical, you won’t need to replace its batteries and it still works during power outages.
    • Requires little to no maintenance and remains reliable for years.
    • Installing the unit above the door frame can be quite challenging as it offers only a limited mounting solution.
    • While it can be installed on both open-out and open-in doors, using it on the latter can be sketchy. This is because you have to install it outside an in-door (unless you try another configuration) and when the people inside hears it sound it’s not as loud compared to when it is installed inside.
    • The volume of sound it produces can’t be controlled, unlike its electrical counterparts.

    Who Should Buy This Entry Door Chime?

    The Carlon DH994 is perfect for any type of business establishments- whether they be offices, shops, libraries and warehouses. Its loud, distinct sound will surely alert employees when someone came in the room.

    The device is also perfect for any home; especially if you are often settled far away from the door. The entry door chime also alerts you if someone from your house went outside or a guest came in.

    It is highly recommended for stores where you need to attend to a customer the moment they walk in. The device can help you in one important aspect of any business- customer service.

    Overall, any person who simply wants a heads up that someone has gone in or gone out of the property needs this device.


    The Carlon DH994 brings out the best qualities of old-fashioned simplicity and reliability. This device has proven countless times that it is a great way to alert you of when someone goes in or out of your establishment. It is easy to come to a decision to buy this product.

    While it may not have the best technological features that its competitors so proudly wear, it still has its strong points and appeals almost to anyone who just wants to keep it simple.

    Best of all, this entry door chime still delivers that classic high toned but prolonged “Ding!” sound that is almost synonymous to a greeting.
  2. A motion sensor door chime serves two important function for property owners, whether of a home or a business. First, it alerts the owners about the entry of people and/or pets into the interior areas of the structure. Second, it welcomes the people into the interior areas with a pleasant chiming sound.
    Of course, the pleasant sound can easily be substituted with a loud alarm sound, in case the unit becomes more of a security system and less of a sales tool. This is usually the case when property owners want an extra layer of security during the night and non-business hours. Otherwise, the pleasant chiming sound should be in place lest welcome people are turned off by the jarring alarm.
    Such versatility in use is available with the Kerui Wireless Split Welcome Motion Sensor Alert Alarm System Doorbell. Here’s what you need to know about it.
    Notable Features
    The Kerui motion sensor alert alarm is one of the more popular products of its kind in the market for good reasons. When installed properly, it can serve as both an electronic welcoming party and an alarm system, a versatility that not many products can do.
    This is a motion-activated alert system that can detect the presence of people and animals within its operating range. Basically, when the motion sensors detect movements made by a person or animal, it sends a signal to the receiver. In turn, the receiver triggers the playing of the chosen melody.
    While the motion sensor door chime can detect the movement of large objects, it will not sound the chime when smaller objects are in its operating range. This reduces the incidence of false alarms, such as when a bird flies past the door.  You don’t have to unnecessarily leave whatever it is you’re doing just to check the door – and then discover that it was just a false alarm.
    The light control distance ranges from 2 to 8 meters. This should be sufficient distance for most residential and commercial applications – unless, of course, you want a larger operating area for tighter security measures. At this distance, you still have time to react to the alert, such as getting up from the chair to check who’s at the door.
    In case of an intruder, you will likely still have enough time to call the police and alert your others. You may want to install a close-circuit television camera to immediately determine who’s at the door. Your decisions about what to do will be faster and smarter, too, thanks to the combination of sound cues and visual image. 
    You can choose from 32 songs for the melody in the motion sensor door chime. You can even choose a human voice just to add a personalized touch although this isn’t as popular.  You may even change the melody every day just to add an element of surprise for your employees and customers. 
    The unit’s volume can also be adjusted. You can choose from four volume levels from soft to loud. You can, for example, choose a soft sound when you’re in the vicinity of the store entrance. You may then increase the volume when you will be working at the back of the store. 
    The manufacturer recommends using high-quality rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries, whichever is more convenient in your case. You can use a USB data cable in recharging the batteries, too.
    The unit should also be installed in a well-protected area, such as on an exterior door shielded by a roof or in an interior door. The installation area shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight, rain and snow for various reasons. These reasons include the housing not being weatherproof and the motion sensors being affected by changes in outdoor temperature.
    You can also use the unit as an integrated alarm system. The functions can include welcome alert, burglar alarm, and doorbell as well as a night light. This versatility adds to its value for the money quality. 
    The unit can also be expanded to include 30 pieces of accessories. These include remote controls and detectors so more doors can be covered and more people can control the system. 
    The package includes a receiver and a passive infrared motion sensor, both without their batteries, and an instruction manual. The batteries should be purchased separately.
    The unit cannot be connected to the Internet. This can be a blessing and a curse, so to speak, depending on your need for 24/7 connectivity including monitoring. It’s a blessing when you want 24/7 connectivity but a curse when you’re wary about hacking risks. 
    In summary, the Kerui Wireless Split Welcome Motion Sensor Alert Alarm System Doorbell has the following features:
    • Chime alarm system with 32 songs and 4 volume levels to choose from
    • Passive infrared system used in the detection of movement
    • Expandable with the addition of accessories like more sensors and remote controls
    • Batteries required for operation
    • Indoor and outdoor use although the unit should be placed away from direct exposure to the natural elements
    Pros of the Product
    The Kerui motion-activated sensor door chime has the following benefits with proper installation:
    • Works in low-traffic and medium-traffic areas
    • Generally accurate alert system with a few false alarms
    • Wide range of sounds to choose from with adjustable volume
    • Sufficient operation range for most medium residential and commercial applications
    • Easy to install and use
    Cons of the Product
    This has a few disadvantages, too, including:
    • Tune must be re-programmed when the power in the receiver is cycled on
    • Rings on its own occasionally (i.e., false alarms)
    • Not weatherproof
    Who Is It Best For?
    The Kerui Wireless Split Welcome Motion Sensor Alert Alarm System Doorbell is a great product for home and business owners who want the following benefits:
    • An alert system that provides pleasant chimes to welcome visitors into the shop
    • An alarm system that can be used to alert parents about the movements of their children, such as into restricted areas or out of the door while violating the curfew
    With creativity, it can be used for a wide range of applications in the home and business!
    Verdict - Should I Buy It?
    Yes, this is a very satisfactory motion sensor door chime that will give a better value for your money in comparison with inferior units. You can even expand its area of operation by installing more sensors, receivers and remotes over a larger area.
  3. Did you know that businesses in the United States lose around $60 billion per year to retail shrinkage? The majority of these retail losses can be attributed to retail theft, which refers to thefts committed by customers (i.e. shoplifting).  Indeed, retail theft has become one of the biggest issues small businesses must tackle – and this is where a door chime for business applications can come in handy.
    The scenario is similar in many small businesses without door chimes. The owners and/or a few employees are busy catching up with other work in another part of the shop. This isn’t surprising as small businesses demand multiple roles and responsibilities from them.
    When a customer comes inside, his/her presence will likely remain unnoticed. This opens up the opportunity for said customer to pilfer a few items and slip outside without being caught. While not every customer will shoplift, the retail losses will eventually add up over time.
    But it isn’t just retail losses that small businesses should be aware of in relation to customers entering their shops without being noticed. The lost opportunity to sell will also adversely affect the business! 
    Every customer coming in through the door is an opportunity to sell the product or service. Let said customer go unattended for a few minutes and the opportunity will be lost. No customers likes to be kept waiting in an empty shop and, thus, will take his business – money and continued patronage – elsewhere. 
    This is where a door chime for business will come in handy.  You will be immediately alerted whenever somebody comes in through the door and, thus, you can take the necessary action. 
    One such product is the Rodann Wireless TX/RX1000A chime system. Read on and find out whether it’s a good product for your business needs. 
    Notable Features
    The TX/RX1000A chime system uses passive infrared technology in the detection of people coming in and going out of the door. Basically, a passive infrared (PIR) sensor measures the infrared light radiating from objects, such as people and animals, within its field of view. Humans and animals give off infrared energy in the form of heat, which the PIR sensor picks up.
    The alarm is sounded when there’s a sudden and noticeable increase in infrared energy within the PIR sensor’s field of view. But since small differences in the infrared energy aren’t detected, the alarm will not go off with every setting and rising of the sun. It will not even go off when a small bird happens to fly by since only relatively large objects will be detected. 
    Emphasis must be made that the PIR sensors work by detecting the infrared energy emitted by other objects, thus, the term “passive”.
    The TX/RX1000A chime system is then a great product for both small and large businesses. The difference usually lies in the number of sensors and receivers installed. In a small business, for example, with a single door to its retail area, a single chime system will suffice.
    As a customer comes into the shop, a pleasant chime will be heard by the owner or his employees near the receiver. They can then promptly go into the retail area and attend to the customer’s needs.  Everybody can be happy – the customer gets prompt service and the business gets his money in exchange for a product delivered or a service rendered. 
    In case of large businesses, several chime systems can be installed. Each entrance, for example, in the large building can have a chime system so that employees will be notified of the customers coming in and out of the shop. 
    The door chime for business specifically its detector is powered by 3AA batteries. This can be inconvenient since batteries should be replaced but it also has an advantage. The system will consume less main grid energy, for one thing.  
    The receiver, however, is powered via plug-in to the main grid. It’s a 12-volt direct current setup. This shouldn’t be a problem in most areas of the United States. Plus, this is also an economical set-up so the energy costs for its operation will be small, even with multiple systems in place. 
    The indoor wireless transmitter has an operational range of 500 feet. This is sufficient for most small business applications, as well as for larger businesses for as long as the receivers are strategically positioned. 
    The sensor is also easy to install. Just use the universal mounting bracket for installing it on the ceiling, wall or side of the door. You may have to experiment with the mounting to get the best possible field of view. 
    In summary, the features of the TX/RX1000A chime system are as follows:
    • FCC-approved and made in the U.S.A.
    • Detector requires 3 AA batetries
    • Uses passive infrared technology to detect moving objects including people and animals
    • Two components in the system
    Pros of the Product
    The TX/RX1000A chime system is a popular product especially among business owners because of its numerous advantages including:
    • Compact design suitable for virtually all types doors
    • Durable housing 
    • Pleasant chime can be heard by the customers and employees instead of a loud and sudden alarm
    • Easy installation and use
    • Wide operational range
    • Little maintenance required
    Cons of the Product
    According to a few customers, the chime system has the following flaws:
    • Works intermittently
    • Little choices in chimes (i.e., tones)
    • Batteries may need frequent replacement
    Who Is It Best For?
    The TX/RX1000A chime system is a great product for both small and large businesses. This isn’t a security measure per se although it can become part of a complete security system. Instead, it should be treated as a way to reduce the risks of retail theft and the lost opportunity for sales. 
    When properly installed, it can make both the customers and owners happy. Customers, after all, will likely appreciate the welcoming chime as they enter the door.
    Verdict - Should I Buy It?
    Yes, you’re well-advised to buy it if and when you need a door chime for business purposes. This is such an easy-on-the-pocket, easy-to-install- and easy-to-maintain product with satisfactory benefits!
  4. Business Door Chime

    Either at home or at work, staying there should be stress-free and convenient. A high-quality business door chime will make life easy for you at your business; in that, it will make you know exactly when someone is at your door. The door chime also adds security to your business. Immediately someone enters your business office, you get an audible alert; so, you are aware of every entry. However, you should consider the setting or set-up of your office when deciding which type of business door chime to buy.

    The buzzer systems are fortified with motion sensors, so you receive instantaneous audible alerts whenever there is somebody at the door. This enhances the security of any business. Shop-lifters shall avoid your business office, since they do not like to knock. Whether you are in the warehouse or rest room, you will get instant notification whenever anyone enters into your business office.

    Types of Business Door Chimes

    1. Business Doors that Send Alerts When They are opened
    One of the types of business door chimes is the ones that give an alert whenever a door is opened. This is usually put at the front door but can also be used to alert security when certain doors are opened. This is done by companies that deal in expensive products or items that are possible to be stolen. Some companies often have a separate warehouse for their raw materials or valuable stocks; immediately someone opened the door of such warehouse, the door chime suddenly gives an alert. Such alerts can be programmed to be received by some persons in the office; so, not everybody hears or receives the alert. You can regulate the volume of the door chime.
    1. Business Doors that Send Alert with an Intercom System
    If you want to have power over the entry and exit of people into the building, have a business door chime that has an intercom notification. The door chime is actually linked with giving access to the customer. The intercom is used to call to the desk and then the receiver decides whether or not to let the person in. These tend are common in large office buildings without a security desk to help restrict the access. There is usually a code that can be used to gain access to the door. This is to make people who work there to get in without having to buzz.
    1. Business Door that Chimes with a Video System
    More modernized types of business door chimes come with an intercom system with a video camera fixed into it. Usually these are not activated until late at night. This provides the security guard an extra level of safety. Before opening the door to just anyone, the guard gets to see who is ringing before he decides to let them in. The video allows the security to hear and see who is at the door.
    1. Business Door Chimes That Are Flexible To Operate At Certain Hours
    You could decide that the business door chimes that can be switched on and off are what you want. This type of door chime affords you the freedom to control certain time you want to grant access to people. The business door chime can be irritating and disturbing. Some of the business door chimes allow you to turn them on and off. This can give the receptionist the choice to switch it off when leaving the desk. You can also set them up on a timing device so that the chime turns on or off at a certain time. This is useful for evening traffic which is slower; and for the safety of people working in the office after the receptionist has left for the day.

    Benefits of Business Door Chimes

    1. Business door chimes enable you to restrict access of people to a certain area of your business office; especially, where you display valuable costly products that are handy.
    2. They give you opportunity to identify the person at the door before you grant them entry access.
    3. People at work after the receptionist has left office can feel safe by switching on business door chime.
    4. You can monitor the traffic rate in your office by adding a recording accessory to the business door chime in order to record or count the number of entries into the business office.

    How to Select the Best Door Chime for your Business

    1. Consider the layout of your business office in order to determine which type of business door chime that will work best for you.
    2. Determine the nature of your business with regard to traffic and working hours.
    3. Carefully read the specifications highlighted by the manufacturer of the business door chime you want to buy if it suits your desired use.
    4. Verify your office range with the device’s range to ensure optimal performance.
    Business door chimes come majorly in wireless design and they are very easy to install. The installation guides are always well written out in the operation manual that come with the package. Follow the installation instructions and enjoy your device.

  5. Retail Business Entry Alerts

    All retail businesses should consider installing an entry chime on or near all important doors of entry or exit. These devices serve as a customer entry announcer or general door entry alert. The benefits of using these entry alert systems are numerous and include:
    • Security measure to alert staff of someone’s entry into the building
    • General safety to alert staff when certain high-risk areas are accessed
    • Inventory protection for doors that secure, for example, temperature sensitive merchandise
    • Prevent the misadventures that can ensue if certain doors, especially the main entry doors into the building; are left open accidentally

    Many establishments use an entry light in conjunction with an entry announcer and this combination can indeed be very beneficial. Although the general consensus for many retail businesses is to use an entry alert device as an entry bell signaling customer entry; an entry alarm can be used in other areas of the building such as an entry hall and entry stairs.

    Without question, the entry door for any retail business should be the main priority for an entry alert or sensor. However, the big picture is not to only focus on the retail entry door or visitor entry but instead examine the entire building to figure out which other doors are relevant enough to be fitted with an entry chime or sensor.

    At, we provide a range of door entry alert systems that are truly cutting-edge. These products utilize different technologies and can either be remote, wireless, wired, magnetic, remote wireless, or remote wired. The alerts that they provide are in the form of sound, light, buzzer, or mobile alert.

    There is no doubt as to the valuable return on investment that an entry alert or entry sensor affords. Therefore, in all the areas that a retail business might consider cutting costs; security and protection should not be one of them. Aside from security and general safety, an entry alert or entry sensor provides peace of mind for employees.
  6. Motion Sensor Alerts

    Nobody would compromise the safety and protection of their family members. As they say, family should always come first. And because of this, a lot of manufacturers and business owners capitalize on the idea that products pertaining to safety of people and valuable assets would always be in demand; thus, we have a lot of products in the market like security cameras, alarm systems, and sensors.
    Among the most common and popular of these security gadgets is the remote motion sensor alert. Over the years, it has proven its worth and usefulness in terms of safety and protection. It is a handy companion for an elderly member of the family who might no longer be able to do a lot of things of his own. You can set up a remote motion sensor alert in his room so that members of the family will be able to attend to his needs in case he tries to get out of his bed or leaves the room all by himself.
    Products like alert systems and sensors were probably originally created to warn against unwanted visitors, burglars, or intruders in a particular area. However, as time goes by, people have also come up with creative ways to maximize their use to the fullest. And, thankfully, manufacturers have also risen to the challenge and continuously come up with products that are readily responsive to meet such needs.
    Nowadays, sensors can be programmed to record appropriate messages that can be played once they detect movements. This is ideal for taking care of people with special medical needs. Since family members or even caregivers and nurses simply just can’t be watching over their patients all the time, a pre-recorded voice message could help a lot to assure and remind patients that they should never be doing anything on their own and that help is on its way if they need one.  So if, for example, your patient is trying to get out of bed alone, the sensor will recognize the movement and can play a pre-recorded message twice. It could have a message that says something like, “Mom/Dad, its Jeff. Do not get up from the bed. I’ll be there in a sec.” And so, the patient will be aware that help is coming. In addition, this reassures the patients as they can hear familiar voices on the recorder.
    You can do your responsibilities properly while doing other chores at the same time. Whether you admit it or not, you simply cannot take care of an ailing member of the family and just forget about the other household tasks that also demand your attention. With a remote motion sensor alert, you don’t really have to sacrifice one in favor of the other. When your patient needs to rest, as they always will do, you can attend to your other household responsibilities and not worry that something would happen the moment you turn your back. Investing in these equipment will always be worth your money as they can also do a lot of give you peace of mind.
  7. If you are looking for several ways to protect your home or office, you may consider looking into the benefits of having a

    door entry alert.

    It is cost-effective and requires minimal maintenance. With this type of security, you can check and monitor your house entrance, garage, warehouse, or your back doors. Nothing beats the peace of mind you get from knowing that your family members and valuable assets are safe; this is the reason why investing in a good alarm or security system is always the best way to go.
    The type of door entry alert to choose will depend on your specific needs. If you have a family member suffering from ailments like Dementia, it is best that you have this alert that will send out a chime alarm sound when the door of his room is being opened. Members of the family who would require special attention should never be left unattended. But since you cannot be with them all the time, an alarm that will send signal that they need attention is the next best thing. The same goes if you need to ensure that your young kids will not go out of any room or out of the house without your knowledge. You can set the alarm to a soft chime sound so it will not create undue panic in the house. However, if your intention is to deter bad elements and intruders, you may opt to set the alarm using a loud sound to drive anyone away.
    This type of security system is easy to install. In fact, it can perfectly fit in most doors, windows, or any entrance of a house or establishment. The receiver will give you the signal that someone is entering your area. It can be installed conspicuously so no one will instantly know that they can be monitored. You can use up to 4 sensors as some systems are created to properly handle more than one door entry alert so that each entry point can have the security it needs. You can never tell when unscrupulous people will try to break in to your home. Or you might not be able to guess when your teenager will sneak out at night to see some friends and enjoy nightlife without your permission.  If you have toddlers or small children at home, a door alert system can also help you ensure that they don’t accidentally wander around without your knowledge.
    There is no small or big facility when it comes to security. Even the smallest warehouse can be at risk, most especially if the contents are valuable. Alarm systems are no longer identified to the elite alone. Protection is for everyone and so a lot of manufacturers are also making it more affordable even to the regular household and business owners. These days, security systems come in different forms and style. Be sure to identify your needs why you need one so that sellers can help you identify which ones will be suitable to match your requirements as well as your budget.
  8. The Benefits of having a Door Entry Alert

    There are many reasons why you would see the need to get a door entry alert installed in your home or office. But with all the risks and dangers that we are exposed to everyday, all of us can definitely benefit from having one of these security alarm systems in the market. They can provide the safety and protection that our family needs. The same works for the important areas of our business as well. Companies have warehouses or restricted areas that would require constant monitoring, and security alarm systems offer a very effective and efficient solution.

    It will cost you something to invest in these types of equipment but it’s one type of investment that’s surely worth the cost because they are useful and functional. How can it not be a worthy investment when it can help you check on the kids and let you know when they go in and out of the room or the house? Also, you will surely appreciate how it can let you know that someone is spying on your window or that somebody is trying to open up the back door to sneak in. Good thing if it is just your love one trying to surprise you; but what if it’s a burglar who intends to hurt you and get all of your money?

    The Mechanism

    The mechanism of a door entry alert is not so complicated to understand. There are two magnetic plates aligned together and as long as they remain aligned, the equipment will also stay silent. When “something” causes them to break apart, it will trigger an alarm that will produce a chime sound to get your attention. This will alert you that someone is entering the area that you want to protect. It may be an invited or an uninvited guest; the alarm will allow you to respond appropriately Some are designed to utilize infrared to detect human heat and then send signal that someone is about to cross the line. They run on batteries so no need to worry about your electric bill going haywire.

    The Sound It Creates—the Alarm

    It actually depends on you if you wish to use an alarm. Some has an option to allow you to just set it on vibrate mode so you can monitor everyone’s movement with your door entry alert without them knowing that they have been detected. Or you can set it to the loudest to create distraction; if they are burglars or anyone with bad intentions, it will hopefully be enough to scare them away.

    All in one

    Since you wish to use it for security purposes, why not maximize its benefits by connecting it to real alarm system? This will, all the more, strengthen the security needed by a particular restricted area.

    Investing in the best security systems will never give you total peace of mind, but it can be enough to give you reasonable assurance that nobody from your family or company will be caught off guard in case somebody suddenly breaks in. You can choose from so many types and designs being offered in the market. They are made for various purposes and applications; make sure you get one that will specifically address your needs and requirements.